discovering your authentic self

okay, for whatever reason I really don’t like the term “authentic self” so I’m gonna go with “the real you.”  So here’s what Sarah had to say–

Simple Abundance – Feb 3 Discovering Your Authentic Self – SBB

“One of the surprises that comes when you catch a glimpse of your authentic self is the discovery that she’s such a positive, upbeat woman.  This is who you are on the inside.  The real you.  If you don’t act this way all the time it’s simply because you haven’t evolved to a higher plane of existence yet.  But occasionally we get glimmers of what it’s like on this higher plane:  on a good hair day; when we’ve had twelve hours of sleep; when we soar through a business meeting, thoroughly prepared; when we fit into last year’s clothes; when we throw a great party and everyone enjoys themselves immensely.  When we have these moments we tend to thing all is right with the world.  Everything just fell into place.  What we don’t realize is all’s right with ourselves.”

Here’s to good hair days!!  (This is where I’ve decided to attempt to get my hair to next…)


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