do overs

so if our lives are compared to movies mine would be a marx brothers marathon this week.  Tuesday I tripped on the uneven pavement outside my house fell straight down and hit my head on a piece of pavement sticking up.  I’m fine.  Got a small bump that’s not even noticeable now and the headache’s all but gone, but man.  Life from the ground up is an interesting view.

Then last night I came home snuggled into my jammies on the couch and zoned out on Top Gear.  Fine until you realize I totally blew off my Visting Teaching appointment!!  : (

Started this morning, snapping at someone being obnoxious in seminary (way to bring the spirit there, NOT) and just now I got a soda out of the machine (yeah, I know bad Jenny) but I heard it fall down, but still reached down picked it up and twisted the cap.  Duh!  Luckily the sink wasn’t too far away.  Ugh.

All minor petty things, but can I just tell you how grateful I am that Heavenly Father allows “do overs?”


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  1. Are you still doing the seminary thing… know what this means…you are just working yourself into a fulltime gig

    Glad you didn’t step on a crack and break your mamma’s back…..

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