the world is too much with us

Simple Abundance… SBB

“…there is a way for us to ransom our lives and reclaim our futures:  It consists in turning away from the world to recognize what in life makes us truly happy….  You can live a lifetime and, at the end of it, know more ab0ut other people than you know about yourself…  Listen carefully.  [God’s] playing your song.”

So today is about deliberately shutting out the outside world so that you can hear your inner self.  I listened and realized my inner self would like about two more hours of sleep, a housekeeper and warmer weather!

Okay, so I also realized I miss writing and while my blog is a perfect stopgap for someone who has no more than ten minutes at a stretch to write, perhaps it’s time to pick it up again.  Also, I miss being in school.  Formalized classroom instruction.  No clue how I’m going to make that happen with four people ahead of me in the college line, but it’s something to think about.


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One response to “the world is too much with us

  1. Hey I have an idea for free camera classes online. I will send you the link- I learned a ton….and as far as writing goes…DO IT….you have it in you….

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