an artist is someone who creates

Feb 7 Simple Abundance… SBB

Every day we’re given chances to embrace the new.  Today take a real risk that can change your life:  start thinking of yourself as an artist and your life as a work in progress.  Brenda Ueland said, “Since you are like no other being ever created since the beginning of time you are incomparable.”  Hold that thought.

So… risk taking… not really my thing.  I’m into security (says the black woman married to a white man with four children in northern new england, belonging to the LDS church, living nowhere near the family she was born to, working in the transmission engineering department.)  Okay, so some risks are worth taking:  Trying to make a new friend; A different outfit or hairstyle, etc.  It’s like Angela was saying in her blog last month (see domesticlifestye below right) — there are calculated risks worth taking.

Perhaps it’s time to see if I can find one that will let me create something worthwhile and individual.


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  1. Gees–taking my own advice….it is a struggle

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