make the day count

So.. to quote Anne Shirley, “It’s a fresh day with no mistakes in it.”

SBB today:

Quieting our minds in meditation, carving out time to dream and express ourselves with our daily dialogue and illustrated discovery journal, becoming aware of our true preferences, slowing down to concentrate on a completing one task at a time— these are the preparatory steps we need to take if we wish to experience contentment.

I read somewhere years ago that there’s no such thing as multitasking.  There’s just jumping from one thing to the next rapidly.  Lately I’d have to say that’s true.  So today, I’m going to attempt to focus on the thing in front of me.  Reviewing miles of transmission line rights, driving my daughter to school/work, talking to my son, doing the budget with my husband.  One thing.

Still got Chris Rice humming through my head…. “Teach us to count the days. Teach us to make the days count.”


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