stolen from angela

So I looked over at Angela’s blog and once again I’m on her same wavelength.  In this case that means getting back to basics.  I couldn’t sleep for large chunks of time in the middle of the night all weekend long.  Just thinking about any and everything.  Things I should, shouldn’t, could, couldn’t, would, wouldn’t do.  Not doing real great about letting go of things outside of my control at the moment. 

I think my problem is not getting enough stuff done of late.  So like Angela, it’s time for me to do stuff and quit thinking so much.  Also, rewards and deadlines are good for me.  So, here we go…

Here are my basics-

Rethinking My Diet and Exercise Regime (or lack thereof)-
Okay, my one goal now is to cut back on the soda.  I have to admit to now having a sugar addiction.  Most of which I can ignore (desserts and the like), but I’m having a tough time giving up soda… Not good.  Also, I reeeally want the new Wii fitness thing, but since I’m not using the one I currently have I can’t justify it.  So here’s the deal with myself.  If I use the Wii every day for at least 15 minutes (preferably longer) for the next month, I get to buy the new Wii exercise thing.

So, last night was FHE and Matthew got to choose the activity.  This means we played Settlers of Cataan  which is a four player game, but there are five of us at home.  I didn’t want to play, but gave in and paired up with Megan.  I have to say it was frustrating at first.  I HATE feeling stupid, and boy did I at the beginning.  I got the hang of it though and I’m looking forward to playing again.  I don’t remember who won.  I think it was Alan.  It was a great game and perfect for FHE.  Thank you Matthew!  Now how to keep regular family prayer and scripture study going?  Time with my family is its own reward.

He’s the original romantic and loves me enough to give me wings to fly. (i.e. He lets me wander off to conferences and conventions and overnights away with girlfriends with not one tiny complaint, but encouragement.) Also, he’s determined we’ll celebrate Valentine’s Day at some point.  Hopefully this weekend.  Last weekend was the always ill-timed scout klondike derby.  Thankfully his team won the obstacle course award this year.  Way to go!  Time to pull out the calendar and ink in some dates.  I miss him.

My oldest two children have friends marrying and having babies left and right (not them).  For that matter, I have friends becoming grandparents left and right.  I’m starting to get a wee bit jealous.  Oh, well.  It will happen when the time is right ( Praise God!) and not before.  Perhaps I could finish up the quilt I started for Christopher as a toddler.

House –…I tried yet another paint color in my bedroom (too brown), but it felt so good to do SOMEthing!  Now on to the next paint color! Although my bedding is garnet and not valentine red, and blueberry and not regular blue, I’ve accepted that my room is red, white and blue, much as I wanted to lean toward rich jewel colors mixed together.  I’m still not doing the whole country thing.  I’ve moved away from that pretty much.  I’m thinking more along the lines of a medieval library.  Now how do you make THAT work with red, white and blue?  Don’t know, but I’m gonna try.  Once I get everybody else’s stuff OUT of our bedroom, the prize is another bookshelf, so I can quit piling them on the floor.

I’m going to learn to run my camera on manual and once I’ve got it down I’ll consider myself worthy of a more expensive camera.  I felt like a dufus that I couldn’t even figure out the manual settings on my spare camera last Friday!  Thank goodness I figured out putting it on natural lighting would get me pretty good indoor shots!

 It felt so good to head down to Boston.  I’m thinking I need to go more often.  I miss big cities.  Street vendors and street performers and museums and the like.  Company trip to New York next October, Women’s Conference in March and the Cape with Laurie in May.  Stuff to look forward to even if it’s not travel to faraway places.

Probably not good that I put me last, but it’s just whining and frankly I’m sick of hearing myself.  I’m exhausted right now and the arthritis is cranking up again.  I’ll be so incredibly happy when we’re done with winter this year.  But I said that already…  Time to buy myself a pretty flower for my desk and redo my ipod music.



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5 responses to “stolen from angela

  1. So the new Wii Fit is WAY more fun than the old one. But I still have trouble using it. Maybe because the baby is a distraction, but that’s really no excuse. Thanks for the reminder…I’ll do it tomorrow.

    Shooting in manual is awesome! I highly recommend it! Luckily I married an optics guy. I’ll volunteer him for free lessons if you want! 😉

    • snydeen

      I’ll have to invite myself over at some point to check out the new WiiFit! Did you do it? I married a photojournalist years ago and that didn’t help my photography skills one bit. I just need to get out and shoot lots of photos and learn my camera. Even using the auto settings, I’m not clear on yet!!

  2. Ughhh…did not see a field trip with me on there….let’s schedule one right away! Miss you

  3. I just re-read this again….and realized that I should be begging you for the referral for the wedding business of the two oldest children’s friend…..currently I am shooting at rock bottom prices for friends of friends:)

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