don’t you just love beginnings?

You know:  like the beginning of a really good book; the first time you get to wear that new sweater; the first date (awkward though it may be); the first signs of spring; the first day of the week, month, year?

So today is the first day of the week.  Time to reevaluate and get some stuff done.  I’m teaching in Relief Society and went from two very skimpy pages that I didn’t think were very interesting to about 16 pages that I can’t possibly fit into the 40 minutes I’m allotted.  Ask and you shall receive?! haha

Was over at Alice Wingerden’s blog and found some new tunes.  Eva Cassidy and Priscilla Ahn.  Folksy.  They remind me of my college music (Cat Stevens, James Taylor).

Objects in photo are smaller than they appear...

So… yesterday was just fun.  I did all kinds of things that I shouldn’t (budget? what budget?)  and a lot of it was simple goofy things that would make no one happy but me.  I bought the stuff to fix the crack in the bedroom ceiling.  I bought more paint samples to try on the walls.  I went through the car wash (love that).  I bought myself grocery store flowers and a Home Goods candle holder.  (I’ve been looking at the larger versions and just can’t justify them, no matter how pretty, but $10?  That I can do. )  Goofy l know, but just so cool.

Did I mention Friday?  A friend convinced me (not real hard to do) to take the afternoon off and scrapbook.  It was awesome!  I got through most of Matthew’s scout pages and had fun just chilling.

Learning to take things one at a time isn’t easy, but I’m finding it’s worth it.  So on to the next thing.  My simple abundance blog and then chopping down my lesson.



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2 responses to “don’t you just love beginnings?

  1. Megan W.

    I love Eva Cassidy! My seminary teacher introduced me to her.

    Did you make sure and eat an ice cream cone while going through the car wash? That’s really the only way to go.

  2. Your lesson was awesome as usual. I love the candle stick and it similiar to the big cupcake not really cupcake but a serving dish I am waiting to go to yellow home good sticker price. Silver same decor

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