the list

so I was struck anew by SBB’s instruction to turn away from the world and rediscover what makes us happy…  this is going to be a running list, but here’s a start… 

Chuck Season One

Alan, Christopher, Megan, Matthew and Garrett, the beach, flowers, sunsets and sunrises, music, music, music, books, museums (art, natural history, history), old houses, the discovery channel, creamsicles, klondike bars, the sacrament, women’s convention, time out for women, poetry, biographies, romance novels, ALL of my children’s artwork, hugs, emails, comments on my blog, gorgeous pictures, Victoria magazine, completing a line book at work, one of Jan’s stories, Angela’s photography, Coreena’s spirit, Pam’s wit,  lunch beside the ocean, Ellacoya state park, national parks, new clothes or shoes that fit and look good, a new handbag, sentinmental jewelry, Liz Lemon Swindle’s artwork, Hilary Weeks’ music, the Kingdom Come soundtrack, flowy inkpens, mechanical pencils (especially those which don’t break easily), farmstand peaches, my ipod, a word in due season, prednisolone when I’m having a flair up, good hair days, the feeling right after a work out, new calendars in January, the first signs of spring, snow days (when I don’t have to go out), a fresh tank of oil for the furnace, travelling (almost anywhere), tony little shops, spending time with friends, seeing my children when we’ve been apart whether it’s been minutes or months, manicures, pedicures, gorgeous china, Liz Claiborne’s style, tacos, McDonald’s fries, steak, lobster, taboule, praise and worship, dancing, theater,



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2 responses to “the list

  1. Thanks for adding me to the list. I love you and you always make me feel so good! Thank You! This really made my day!

  2. Jan

    Psych! I made the list!

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