didja miss me?

so I’m back after an absence of several days.  I have been and am all over the place!

Let’s see.  Wind/snow storm last Thursday (mostly wind) knocked a tree across our road and knocked out the power.  We were trapped until Saturday morning (no heat, no lights) so toughed out the cold Thursday and Friday nights (I’m wondering if I’m having to do penance for all of my cold weather plaints?)  Saturday, once we were free we ran a lot of errands, then decided we couldn’t handle the worsening cold and went on the hunt for a hotel room (none to be had).  We were blessed with the gift of our friends’ livingroom and generator.  So we gratefully shlepped over (forgetting sleeping bags and pillows, but remembering towels).  Blessed warmth (from the generated heat and the hugs of our friends).  We stayed over again Sunday, but when we checked home on Monday we were told the crews were in the neighborhood and literally as soon as Alan hung up the phone, there they were!  Love seeing those yellow trucks!!  So I had some guilt over not working this storm, but realistically the arthritis wasn’t going to let me do much of anything this go round, so I’m over it.  I worked harder the last two days in an effort to make up for not suffering with my fellow employees the prior few days. 

So, tomorrow begins the New England Women’s Convention in Nashua.  Megan is going with me this year.  Should be interesting watching her experience a church so different from our much more puritannical version.  I’ve got high hopes for it being as uplifting and wonderful as it usually is.  Not sure what the overall theme is this year, but I’m very excited because Meg and I are going to the mother-daughter session Friday morning:  “She’s Just That Into You.”

I got my first Puttery Post (Check out Brocante Home link) and can’t wait to get going with that.  I’ve got eight minutes!

Matthew has his Eagle Board of Review tonight.  Tomorrow and Friday he’s competing in US First.  He is the Human Player (guy who retrieves the balls for the robots) here in NH.  I forget the title, but he also got a position in St. Louis.  Really cool because it’s his first (and last) year of US First, there are only 4 slots, and you have to compete for them — so it’s an honor.  I’m very proud of him.

Tonight is the book club.  No idea who will be around for it and I don’t actually have my book as I loaned it to someone.  Sadly I read it long enough ago I don’t remember any specifics beyond going, “Oh, wow” every few pages.  Hopefully it’ll all come back to me!

Taught Seminary this week.  A good experience for me.  A LOT of reading to prep, but good, good stuff.

Saw The Blind Side yet again.  I know it comes out on video later this month, but had to get in just one last visit.

REALLY excited about this new project I found. Street Outreach For Teens (see the separate post).  Collecting for that at work.

Daffodil orders are due in tomorrow for the Cancer Society, so my mini-vacation won’t start until I’m done taking care of that tomorrow morning.

Made a hair appointment.  Getting it all chopped off.  Okay, there wasn’t that much to begin with, but it’s just soooo bad at this point there’s no other hope for it.  So I get to wear the “teeny weenie” afro until it recovers from all I’ve done to it.  Also getting it dyed.  The gray seems to bother Alan.  It’s one of the few parts of aging that actually doesn’t bother me.  Go figure.

Haven’t picked the March Julia Child’s recipe yet.  Stay tuned for that.  Likely to happen next week.

Went shopping and found the world’s most gorgeous pumps and while they’re not my beloved stilleto’s they’re much higher than anything I’ve been wearing and yet still comfortable.  I know I won’t be able to wear them for hours on end, but I’m stoked to have pumps I can wear for ANY decent length of time!  Also found two blouses and J. Marshall’s.  Now I just need to find a pair of pants and one more pair of shoes and I’m set for a bit.

Pulled out my book on digital photography and started learning things already, in the early pages.  I’ll have to dig out the specific manual for my camera as well.  I work in in an old mill building and think I could get some really great shots here.


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  1. Wow- you inspire me every single day!

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