keep it simple

Keep It Simple For Busy Women:  Inspiring Ideas to Reduce Stress and Enjoy Life More – Emilie Barnes  – Just felt like sharing some of her wisdom today…

 Assume that you have plenty of everything, and think about how you can make your life less cluttered, less time-consuming, less costly.  The idea is to organize your life so that you have time for the important things.  Remember that by using small amounts of time and resources faithfully, you can accomplish great things.  (I’ve found this to be unquestionably true and started again this morning getting back on track with using small bits of time to accomplish great things.)

 Frame a print or lovely thought and deliver it to a discouraged friend.  (Doing it tomorrow!)

Find an old snapshot of a great time with a family member or friend and drop it in the mail with a note, “Haven’t we had some special times?”  (Love this!)

 Keeping kitchen clutter under control is the first step.  It can be a frustrating task – but it’s not impossible.  Starting with the cupboards closest to the sink, pull everything out.  Wipe out the shelves and refresh them with contact paper.  For all the things you’re not using – either put them in a “throw away” bag, a “give away” bag, or a box marked “kitchen overflow.”  Put the things you don’t use very often on the highest shelves.  Items you use daily go back into the cupboards in easily accessible places.  (Looks like a job for the hired help!)

 Evaluate your abilities.  Write at least ten strengths and ten weaknesses.

Weaknesses:  Complainer, Easily led into gossip, Need for Security, Not Consistent, Not quick to forgive (Wow.  Guess I’ve got some work to do!)
Strengths:  Organizer, Peacemaker, Worker, Volunteer, Giving

 List three areas where you are willing to serve:  My family-Physicians Assistant, Driver, Secretary, Cook, Housekeeper, Teacher’s Aide, Etc.;  My Church:  Relief Society Classes and Seminary; My Community – Teen Outreach/NH Food Bank

Donate your old magazines or books to the annual library fundraiser.  (Easy peasy)

A hot fudge sundae with bananas and nuts is a special treat.  (I’m SO there!)

 “Come unto me all ye who labor and are heavy laden and I will give thee rest.”  The same spirit of welcome that He extends to us can be expressed to others in our homes and our lives.

 Everyone needs a gardening hat to call their own.  (Guess it’s time to give my son back his baseball cap and get my own.)


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