the innocents abroad

So… still working my way through this one.  I did find a cool map (  and some interesting discussion questions, that have helped rekindle my interest in finishing.


The questions are:

How does Mark Twain reveal his prejudice toward foreign culture? Do these prejudices subside toward the end of his journey? If so, explain at what point his viewpoints change.

How does humor play a part in helping the passengers overcome their fatigue during the long excursion? Give examples of humor being substituted for frustration.

Why do you think Mark Twain was surprised about the welcoming reception by the Russian Emperor? How does this reception change his opinion of royalty?

Why do Twain and his companions keep renaming people and places?

Come hang out April 7th and join in the conversation!  Looks like the field trip will be that Saturday:  Mark Twain House in Hartford, CT.



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2 responses to “the innocents abroad

  1. Is this the book club deal? Let me look at the calendar- I have always wanted to go there

    • snydeen

      Yes. It’s the book club and since the last comment I heard that it was “Jenny’s” book club, I don’t know if we’ll keep going, but I plan to keep going with the books and trips, so let me know!

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