so… 10

This is actually about the 80/20 rule.  How 80% of our effort goes toward 20% of the things we need/want to do.  So the idea is to list 10 hobbies and pick the top two to spend your time on.  List 10 friends and pick the top two to concentrate spending your time with (that one sounds harsh, but the reality is we’re probably doing this already)!  Think about the two rooms in your house you spend the most time in (Kitchen and Living Room for me) and make them fabulous! 

I know I need to spend more of my  mental energy if nothing else on the 20% instead of fretting over the 80% I feel as though I ought to be handling, but don’t.  It’s occurred to me the phone, email, etc. works both ways when it comes to friends.  If they’re not calling and inviting me out/over perhaps that’s a hint?!; If I only get two hours this week to spend on a hobby, do I really want to waste that time on tv?  I enjoy spending time in my living room — don’t I want it to be truly fabulous and reflect who our family is?  Time to rethink where I’m spending my energy and redirecting it where I can do the most good for me and those around me.



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3 responses to “so… 10

  1. Well said, my friend. It never hurts to regroup with oneself, does it?!

  2. Oh I hope that I make the friend list…you looked stunning today at church by the way!

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