spring cleaning or give away everything you can

So… I started off reading one of my books that suggests I go through my house and ask myself, “Can I possibly live without this?  Do I have two when one will do? Does someone else need it more? Would someone else get greater use out of it?  Your mission is not to justify keeping it.  Your mission is to give away as much as you possibly can.  Think of it as a ministry and not decluttering.” 

Now that’s definitely a different way of looking at things for me!   Usually the questions are, “How long since I’ve used/worn this? and “Will I just have to go out and buy it again if I toss it?”  Valid questions in my book, but thinking more in terms of blessing someone is such a different take on it.  Yesterday I actually gave away a pair of nearly new Cole Hahn sandals someone had given me.  They didn’t quite fit, but were gorgeous so I was hanging on to them.  I decided someone in Haiti could make better use of them and donated them to the drive here at work.  I emptied out a bit and someone else got blessed.  Yeah, this could work for me!


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