weekend fun

so… the weekend.  Friday was the office meeting at the Basketball Hall of Fame.  I’m not a huge sports fan, but I did watch occasionally when Jordan was at his height.  I loved seeing the exhibit they have set up about him at the Hall of Fame.  The meeting also went well and I really enjoyed the speaker a “practical futurist.”  Interesting ideas he had about “the next big thing.”  Rode back to town on the bus and then drove over and picked up the muppet and scrapbooked at Pauline’s for a few hours.  Then home to crash. 

Up Saturday to drive EVERYwhere!!  Megan to work, Matthew to bowling with US First buddies, Garrett to a friend’s house.  Then the reverse to pick them all up and finally we made it to the movies.  Clash of the Titans.  It was fun.  Not wow, but fun.  Oh, and don’t EVEN think you’re getting accurate mythology out of it! : ) 

Sunday I slept in (for me) and then straightened up around the house threw the roast in the crockpot and sprinted off late to church.  We made it in time for sacrament and stuck it out for the day, but it was so tempting to sneak off to the beach instead.  Gorgeous gorgeous weather we’ve been having! 

Nothing exciting, but we mostly all got along and the weather was just lovely.  The closer I get to having my little ones leave the nest the more I’m appreciating the ordinary days.  Life is good.


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