becoming the woman God wants me to be

Week 7 – Personal Appearance

So Sarah BanBreathnach and Donna Partow are about running neck on neck on this bit of advice.  The primary one being PURGE.  So, that’s a no brainer for me.  I’ve pretty much dumped everything in prior weeks/months.   She also wants me to stick with my core color (black in my case) and purge the rest.  Now that’s a problem.  I NEED my khakis.  They go with everything and are light enough to wear year round.  Also, one of my favorite jackets Alan bought for me.  A gorgeous brown paisely duster.  Sooo not getting rid of it!  So I’ll have to figure out a better way to wear it with my signature black. 

The interesting bit is that Mrs. Partow wants me to go a step further and empty out my accessories, jewelry and old makeup as well.  So… goodbye to lots of bits and pieces that I’ve hung onto for a myriad of reasons, mostly sentimental.  Again Mrs. Partow is correct.  I tend to only wear about 20% of my accessories and jewelry and the rest languishes…  For the most part I don’t wear makeup at all.

She goes on to suggest that “Your ideal weight is the healthiest weight you can maintain while leading a sustainable lifestlye.”  She is SOOOOO right!!  There is no way I’m going to stick to eating egg whites and lemon water for any real length of time, so even if I managed to pull it off long enough to get down to 105 pounds (within the realm of possibility considering my height) it’s highly unlikely that I could stay there.  130 is much more likely at my age and current health and it’s such a relief to admit and accept that.  Makes losing all the weight I need to lose seem actually attainable!

Finally she talks about being modest (not an issue for me).  I had to share this one line that had me howling, “It’s offensive enough to see young Christian women baring cleavage, but to see a mature Christian woman revealing wrinkled, brown-spotted cleavage?  Lord, have  mercy on us all!”  She recommends Susannah Constantine and Trinny Woodall’s book, “What Not To Wear.”  Good book and they were the original British show, but I think I like Stacy and Clinton’s What Not To Wear book even better.


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