the right line

You know how you choose a checkout line at the grocery store?  You know how you: evaluate the clerk on duty, and how many goods the people in front of you have to check out, and whether or not they look like they might have a billion coupons and a check instead of cash or debit?  Well… I inevitably pick the wrong line.  The nice thing is I’ve come to accept that and have learned to read through the magazines while I wait. 

So… my dream house… (irregardless of getting close(r) to an empty nest) is in the neighborhood around the Currier.  As we drove by it on the way to work today the gorgeous owner was just getting back from walking her gorgeous dog and we stopped to compliment her lovely home, she was of course incredibly charming and gracious in her thanks— where was I when the announced the line for all of that?!


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