new york city

planning a quick New York jaunt with one of my best friends in August (bus from Chinatown in Boston to Chinatown in New York, then overnight at the Carleton Arms and home again).  I’m pretty excited because I’ll get to do all the girly stuff I haven’t fitted in before.

then because I am so blessed this year, my darling hubby also agreed to let me sign the family (well, he Garrett and I) up for the company bus trip to the City in October (bus from Manchester to the Helmsley on 42d tour the city and back the next evening to Manchester).  Praying for great weather because New York in the fall can be simply amazing.  Meanwhile, I’m trying to think up stuff that the guys would like to see.  Thankfully, there are only three of us so the price to get into things will be less.  Should be a real challenge making up a guys weekend in New York.


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