good smells and yard work

so…  Sarah’s thoughts for the next few days are all on engaging our sense of smell.  I’m up for that.  I’m planning to get a big ol’ bunch of grocery store flowers on the way home and spread them liberally throughout the house.

Tomorrow after the Stake Women’s Conference I’m headed home to dig in the dirt for a while and rake up the leaves remaining in the little front patch and under the porch — too bad Alan’s not mowing tomorrow (love the smell of fresh mown grass).   Hopefully the weather will cooperate and the boys can help me haul away the clippings from the hedge.  Then I get to work on the lilac bush — which would be the point of all the clearing and hauling.  Well actually on hacking off limbs from the overhanging tree so the bush gets some light. 

Oh, and Alan got a Colorado blue spruce for earth day at work, so we’re planting that as well.  We’ll see how all of this goes.  I’m thinking the only things that are going to take any real time are the hege clipping clearing.  Say that three times fast.

Then I’m visiting Bath and Body Works (finally) to pick up some room sprays and then head back home to bake some brownies.  Maybe I’ll end the day by taking a stupid long bath with my Calgon Tahitian bubble…  So Sunday I’ll be suffering from sensory overload and just sleep in before church!


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