ending the month

so… down to the wire on April.  I actually kinda like April.  The snows (mostly) gone.  It’s warm during the day and cool (but not cold) at night and the flowers are in bloom.  Not particularly fond of the ladybugs or the black flies, but you take the good with the bad.

A friend talked me into hitting up a yard sale at lunch last week and I got this great table (a bit wobbly but old and gorgeous I’m certain Alan can strengthen it for me).  It’s replaced my current bedside stand and is it nice to fit my lamp AND my current books AND my  mug of pens on one surface!

Finishing up simple abundance for the month — I’ve sprayed perfume on a handkerchief and carried it around in my purse and pulled it out to counter offensive odors…  It really works!

Hunted out some unusual grocery stores and plan to check out the African store on Union.  Tonight is clean out the spice cabinet night.  Some of that stuff is older than my kids!!

I spent last Friday really looking around at my world – my family, my friends and strangers on the street.  I smiled at every one I met because “I could see them.”  I saw that in a movie some where recently.  Good line.  Meaningful.  How much of our lives do we spend unseen and unheard?

So today’s challenge is to touch someone.  I promise not to get myself in trouble at work by hugging anyone, but that leaves my family open as fair game! : )

Megan  has a portfolio viewing at school tonight.  I’m pretty excited to go see it.  I’m looking forward to the day I get to go to one of her gallery openings.  She’s a talented young woman.

I’ve been collecting children’s and young adult books for reading this summer.  I know they’re really too old for it, but I think we’ll all take turns reading to each other.  It’s school vacation week and last night we just watched Top Gear, but tonight is FHE and I think I have the activity, so I’m proposing we read aloud.  We actually enjoyed doing this back when, so I think it’s time to revive the habit.

Dreaded, horrible, no good, very bad day anticipated on Thursday when the NH real estate folks meet with the CT accounting folks.  Talk about clash of the titans!  Ugh.  Say a prayer for me and send good vibes that I can mostly keep my mouth shut!

Geneva Platinum

Bought Megan and myself flowers today.  Megan got daisies (see You’ve Got Mail for her opinion on daisies) and I got stock (GORGEOUS smell) and tulips and minicarnations.  A real spring bouquet in pink and white.  I’m apparently on a pink kick today.  (Jeans skirt, pink tee-shirt, raspberry sandals, white jacket.)  And of course my Leigh Ann Tuohy knock off watch.  Found it at the Currier and HAD to have it.  I was supposed to save it for mother’s day, but couldn’t wait.  It’s not the kind of thing I would normally wear, which is EXACTLY why I wanted it.  I couldn’t justify $250 for fun, but a tenth of that?  Sure…  Speaking of clothes, did I mention the great disappointment of Monday?  Zac Posen’s line (and in fact NONE of the designer lines) are at my local Target stores and apparently will never be!  Bummer.  So… odds are good whatever was there is gone, if I can even get to a far flung Target in the next week or so.  I’m driving Megan to a wedding at the Boston temple on Saturday so perhaps we’ll make a stop on the way back home…  This whole being conscious of what I’m wearing thing is fun, but getting harder as we move into another season.  I’m trying to find inexpensive, but nice pieces to mix in with what I already have.  The problem is after all the culling I’ve done of (don’t fit, don’t wear or just plain ugly) clothes there ain’t much left !! : )  So, the challenge is to pull together a work of pieces that I think are 10’s without breaking the bank.  Interesting challenge.  Pretty much the same challenge I’ve got going on with redoing our sadly in need of a makoever home.

The Julia Childs pork roast was okay, but I didn’t follow the recipe exactly and pre brown the roast and she used very few spices.  Think I’ll stick closer to the recipe for May.  Haven’t decided on what it will be just yet.  Probably something with beef seeing as how I’ve done pork and chicken already.


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