new blog – Soul Pretty

I just LOVE finding new blog sites.  This one is called Soul Pretty (Link to the right) and what fun!  I open it up to check it out and the very first post is about her going to Brimfield with her BFF!  Well guess what I’m doing this weekend?  You got it.  Heading to Brimfield with one of my BFFs.  Go figure.  Didn’t get to read through the site much, but love the Armani jacket she found for $7.99!!  Coreena it’s time to hit the City!!

Site Quotes:  

You’ve been invited to a fancy ball but the only thing you have to wear is an orange wooly jumper. What shoes do you wear?

…Easy, cowboy boots…

My Soul Is…

  • My Soul is a Mother
  • My Soul is Passionate
  • My Soul is Creative
  • My Soul is Driven
  • My Soul is Curious
  • My Soul is Loving
  • My Soul is Free
  • My Soul is Pretty, SOUL PRETTY.


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2 responses to “new blog – Soul Pretty

  1. LOL>>>>love the post…I can’t wait to hit the road and head to Brimfield…and I’m always excited to meet like minded bloggers…Have fun…maybe we’ll compare notes when we return…

  2. I think Shawn Bahe was a brimfield girl! I am finally getting caught up tonight

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