ten things – number 1

So… I got this new scrapbook and there are ten sections with things about me.  Thought I’d share them here.

ONE  Embarrassing Moment:  


The family is driving home from having dropped the eldest off at college and having a mini-vacation in Virginia, Fall 2009.  It’s late and we’re all tired, but determined to get close to home before stopping for the night.  Alan has done the lion’s share of the driving for the weekend and is exhausted, and keeps nodding off, so I am driving, but I’m getting pretty tired as well.  Then we miss the correct exit after we get off the Tappan Zee bridge and we’re headed down a highway/turnpike that I hate driving on.  It’s the middle of the night so people are feeling free to drive 90 miles an hour AND there are jersey barriers.  Okay, just so you know I am very uncomfortable around fast drivers on highways and I HATE  jersey barriers. 

 Now picture this —  the middle of the night, and we’re all tired and I’m freaking out because we’ve taken the wrong turn.  On top of everything else I’m dealing with I cannot for the life of me figure out why it’s so dark out .  Alan wakes up and helps read the map to get us turned back around.  We make it to a highway rest stop and all pile out of the car.  We get inside with bright glaring lights, and I realize it still seems kinda dark to me.  I was wearing my sunglasses!! They’re prescription and I never took them off once it started getting dark!  What a dork.  Now when the kids want to rag on me, they just start singing, “I wear my sunglasses at night…


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