missing CPT Awesome

I’d like to run screaming down the middle of a highway while pulling my hair out right about now!  Okay, that may be overstating things, but man am I fried and there’s more to come…  CPT Awesome’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor is tomorrow night, he graduates next week and the morning after graduation he and I fly off to Utah to get him enrolled in college.  Mostly I’m not ready for him to be gone yet.  I’m suffering remorse for all the time we didn’t spend before now.  I’m not going nuts and trying to cram in more time (although I’m sneaking it in where I can) but I wish I could stop the planet for just a bit and sit and talk with him and play board games with him and walk outdoors and appreciate nature with him.  I just want more time…

While I’m trying to get sleep and remembering to take all my meds over the next week, I guess if he knows I love him and I’m praying for him, and rooting for him whatever he does, that will do for now.   I’ll just savor the time he is home even more!



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2 responses to “missing CPT Awesome

  1. Oh sweet moses- I will die when my kids fly the nest. This brought tears to my eyes…..times ticking..Hang in there and enjoy the moments you have until he leaves

  2. I feel your hair-pulling! You’ll need a special comfort for the trip home from Utah. Any ideas? I have come to cherish Mother’s Day each year, when my son clears his calendar and gives me hours of his time. Absolutely cherish it.

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