off and running

so… CPT Awesome and his buddy Ian had a great turnout for the court of honor.  Everyone had lovely things to say and with the exception of the sound for the slide show, there were no glitches.  Phew. 

Sunday I got a special treat.  He was asked to play Ashokan Farewell on his violin.  He was accompanied on piano and it was just beautiful.  I teared up a few times, but I held it together.  His best friend came along to church with us which was fun for him, and then we went to dinner at his friend’s family home.  A great time!  We played Apples to Apples and Balderdash and it was a total riot.  I wasn’t sure if we had enough conversation to do much more than tide us over for dinner, but we were there four hours!  It was great fun and I’m glad they invited us.

Now, there’s his graduation on Thursday, then hopping a plane and getting college enrollment done on Friday and Saturday, then I return home on Sunday.  Yikes!!  If I had more vacation time, I’d probably take Monday off, since I’m sure I’ll be fried!

I’m feeling guilty because I haven’t been spending much time with my youngest lately.  Haven’t overseen his homework, so I have no idea where that stands right now and I’m fairly certain he hasn’t looked at his online course lately.  Sigh… There just aren’t enough hours in the day.  Being gimpy lately hasn’t helped any either dang it.  Well, he’ll have the benefit of being only one of two at home and school being all done by next week. 

He’s got an exciting summer planned:  He’s home for a week, then he’s off to basketball camp for a week, then canoeing in Maine for a week, home for a week, then soccer camp for a week, then EFY (Especially for Youth – church camp) for a week.  Which brings us roughly up to August when Matthew and Christopher will be back home and they can all have fun playing video games like crazy.  Hopefully we’ll get in our family mini-vacation with everyone home.  (long weekend at the beach)

I have summer plans as well:  Lots of reading of nothing of substance really, lemonade, beach trips, popsicles, badminton and movies.  Capped off by a trip to New York with my bff Coreena at the end of August.  As busy as it’s going to be, I’m looking forward to the not busy days even more.


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  1. We need to plan a beach day- and the violin number was awesome!

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