It’s Halftime! How are you doing?

I got a flyer in the mail and the question was just that: 

2010 is your “Year of Divine Completion and Fulfillment.”  It’s halftime!  How are you doing?

So… there are 183 days left in 2010.  How am I doing with the resolutions I made?  Well thankfully, I purposely chose NOT to make any this year, but if we’re being picky, I WAS supposed to be working a debt diet with Angela.  The problem there is that it’s difficult to consistently get together. 

I was working my way through Proverbs 31 and while I read the entire book, I left off around Day 51 actually getting things done.  So, I’m thinking it’s time to pick that back up now that things are slowing down slightly with my children’s lives.

I started on Dave Ramsely’s money makeover and we’re not doing too badly on that.  We’ve got almost every bit of credit type debt gone and pretty soon will be down to one 401K loan and the usual month to month expenses.  We’ve got some money in savings (which isn’t even a month’s worth of salray, but it’s better than zero!). 

I have however been walking more.  Still haven’t given up the soda.  Sleeping badly and eating wildly.  On the other hand, I’ve got a new bookcase in my room, and I’ve started shelving the piles of books around my bed.  I pulled off my son’s Eagle Court of Honor, his graduation and his trip out to college.  I scheduled my way overdo hair appointment and I’ve found more time (albeit not tons) for my girlfriends and my spouse.

The letter ends with the admonition to not “end 2010 defeated and held captive by past habits, spiritual attacks, or financial problems.”  Yeah.  I can roll with that.


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