21 things to do before summer’s over

So… I found this article in LDS Living magazine. 

  1. Take a hike – not likely unless the temperature drops like crazy.
  2. Read a biography – I’m on it.  Audrey Hepburn (see books page)
  3. Make real lemonade – oh yeah.
  4. Host a neighborhood block party – nope.
  5. Go on a local field trip – does Brimfield count?  No?  Okay, Millyard museum. Haven’t been there in forever.
  6. Sleep outside – nope.
  7. Go to a dive-in movie – movie at a water park.  This bears looking in to!
  8. Take a dip – BEACH!!!!!
  9. Have a yard sale – check

10. Eat homemade ice cream at sunset – I think Garrett would get into this one.

11. Attend a concert in the park – cool.  I’ll have to check if there’s anything on up here and if not we’ll try the shell in Boston.

12. Go horseback riding – nope.

13. Visit an amusement park – since summer isn’t technically over until September 21st, got this one covered with my hubby’s company Canobie Lake trip.

14. Attend a festival – I’ll have to look one up.  We already missed the Polish festival and Glendi.

15. Shop a farmer’s market – love this one and already done, but we’ll fit in at least one more visit.

16. Pick fresh fruit – see “Take a hike.”

17. Clean up a park – see “Take a hike.”

18. Build a fort – an indoor blanket fort might be fun.  Haven’t done that since I was ridiculously little

19. Attend a state or county fair – great idea!

20. Go stargazing – do that one regularly

21. Complete a triathlon -Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahhahahahahahahahahaha


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