holed up

so, yeah, that’s kinda where I’d like to be right now.  Holed up in this fabulous cabin I visited once in Colorado.  The deck hung out over the woods into space and there was nothing but trees and sky as far as the eye could see.

I was checking out Hilary Weeks blog and she recently visited a similar spot in southern Utah and sought some quiet time, and had this to say…

“After the time spent listening to music and praying and thinking…I felt good.  I was glad I had taken the time and opportunity to be in a place where Heaven could find me.”

I love that…  “… in a place where Heaven could find me.”  That’s exactly where I need to be!


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  1. I wish I could go with you to Brimfield…If you do go…drive out to where people are selling items in their front yards….There is an old man who sold everything for $1.00…If you make it back there…let me know how it was…

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