He qualifies whom He calls

so… my new position in church is that of early morning seminary teacher.  This means getting up at 5:30, diving in the shower to wake up, coaxing my youngest out of bed and then getting us both over to the high school by 6:15 so we can study the scriptures.  There’s a popular saying in the church that the Lord qualifies those He calls.  Good thing…

 I’m always amazed at how much I learn when I’m called to teach something, so I’m really looking forward to this.  The Doctrine and Covenants which we’re studying this year, is probably the standard work (KJV Old Testament, KJV New Testament, and Book of Mormon being the other three) I’ve struggled with the most, but the more I’ve studied, the more I’ve gained a testimony, and I’ve already got four or five books (I’m losing count) and the conference issue of the church magazine that I’m wading through to get some real insight before we start our actual study in September.  Should be exciting.  I’ve got the next month or so to try to read ahead and come up with some things that will make this interesting for them.

My first idea is to see how many of them I can gather up for a field trip to one or more of the church historical sites before we start on the Doctrine and Covenants which includes our church’s history.  Should be an exciting year — at least it’s my fervent prayer to make the study exciting and relevant to the life of teenagers dealing with boring and exciting classes, engaging and/or terrifying teachers, sex, friends, enemies, drugs, acceptance, the future — you name it.  Wish me luck!


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