poulet au porto

Okay, so back in the saddle again.  I’ve decided to let Coreena be my domestic heroine, and following the WWCD theme I made Julia Child’s poulet au porto and then washed all the dishes.  Hot and tiring, but the chicken was delicious (and I didn’t just say so myself…)  Waking up to a clean kitchen was near priceless!

… so I wake Alan up to witness the magnificent aspect of setting the chicken aflame after dousing it with cognac (okay a quarter cup is hardly a dousing, but it’s all the recipe called for, and since we don’t driink I bought the tiniest bottle I needed). Flames?  Hahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah  and hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.   You could barely see the flames.  Picture five of us leaning really close over this pan trying to see the flames and you’ve kinda got the picture.  Very anticlimactic and hysterically funny.


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