white collar

my oldest son introduced me to this series.  We’re a family who enjoys champagne tastes on a beer budget, so watching someone live le bonne vivre is fun!

The bonus was seeing the ever elegant Diahann Carroll as his wealthy “landlady” June.  I’m hoping we’ll see lots more of her in season two.  Still working my way through season one.  I’m too much of a whimp to stay up most nights to watch it on first run, so thank the Lord for the DVR!

Matt Bomer and Diahann Carroll on White Collar

I like to think of him as an ex-felon who uses his ill-gotten skills for the greater good.  Not to mention the fact that he’s stinkin’ cute! 

Then there’s that house!!!  The real address of the house is 371 Riverside Drive (W 107th St).  Apparently listed in 2009 for $30,000,000 (Yes I have the right number of zeros).  Can’t wait to snap a photo on my next New York trip. 

The official webpage has Neal’s Guide to New York with map pinpoints… check it out.

Meanwhile… I found this hysterical review that I have to admit I totally agree with as far as the hat goes.

I can buy the FBI spending $5000 on a party featuring 65 supermodels and a rooftop terrace to catch a crook. I can buy a rich woman giving a complete stranger an apartment for $700 a month even though he’s an ex-con. I can buy a fancy dress with some security device inside of it that a master criminal would kill for. There’s a lot of stuff I’ll buy in a show like this.

What I can’t buy is that hat Matthew Bomer insists on wearing. He wants to be Rat Pack-era cool but with the hat and the vest and rolled up sleeves, he looks more like he’s doing a fashion shoot for Details or maybe fronting a boy band.

Lost the link, but I think it was the SF Examiner.


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