Eudora Welty

  soo… one of my bffs is off to see the Eudora Welty house on Thursday and while I’m extremely happy for her, I so wish I were going too.  I haven’t read ANY of her short stories (I’ll read at least A Worn Path” tonight) but I do know of her famous photographs for a WPA project from 1930s America.  Really moving…



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4 responses to “Eudora Welty

  1. O Eudora is a treasure! At least consider reading Welty’s “Golden Apples”. What a creative, compassionate, and talented woman. I can’t think of any other American woman writer who is her match.

  2. Coreena

    I am really looking forward to going. I was not able to get over there last year, even though it is literally across the street from the college. I reread One Writer’s Beginnings in the last year and a book of her short stories. I own the former so if you would like to borrow it let me know.

  3. Ben McArthur

    Hello. My name is Ben McArthur and I am contacting you regarding a photo that is posted on your website. It is the one picture of the young girl sitting on the railing of a porch. I am aware that the original picture was taken by Eudora Welty, but I was wondering where I could acquire the copyright information of that one particular picture. Any information such as the website you found that picture on would be very appreciated. Thanks.
    Ben McArthur.

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