mansfield park

…just finished the 1999 Miramax version of Mansfield Park ( 

Henry Crawford: And what is your opinion, Miss Price?
Fanny Price: I am sorry to disappoint you, Mr. Crawford, but I’m afraid I do not have a ready opinion.
Henry Crawford: I suspect you are almost entirely composed of ready opinions not yet shared.

Fanny Price: It could have turned out differently, I suppose.
[All the characters pause and look thoughtful]
Fanny Price: But it didn’t.

Mansfield Park by Jane Austen: Book Cover

 I just adore Jane Austen’s heroines.  I started Mansfield Park once before, but didn’t get very far.  I’ll have to put it back on my “to read soon” shelf and have at it this winter! — especially with some of the reviews indicating the movie bears no resemblance to the novel.  I really enjoyed it, so perhaps it’s best I didn’t read the book first



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2 responses to “mansfield park

  1. Sometimes you read a book expecting the movie/TV version, well not to be quite the same, but okay. Some are, some aren’t.

    North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell, the book was great, watched the BBC TV version and was disappointed.

    If the series was set apart by itself, then yeah, I would’ve enjoyed it.

    Northanger Abbey, didn’t enjoy that book, well except for Henry Tilney’s character. The TV version, ditto.

    Pride and Prejudice, loved the book, A&E TV version, loved.

  2. Angela

    Good for you- come fall I want to go through all of those bbc editions

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