the wisdom of Arthur Bach

so… I keep hearing from friends thinking about moving to other parts of the U.S.  South and West mostly.  Alan and I have talked about where we want to end up and my answer is nearly always the same, “Next to my children.”  I want to be the available doting grandmother.  Kinda hard to do from long distance.  On the other hand, if we owned a tiny home on the ocean (cause Lord knows it will be a miracle if we can even pull that off) then traveling to visit family wouldn’t be a hardship.  I have several friends that I really want to remain near, but as they’re all thinking about moving as well, that has to be way down the list of considerations…  Also, I can’t imagine being too long from the ocean, or New York City, or Boston, okay the East Coast, unless we ended up in northern California.  Guess, this is one I’ll just have to wait and see on.

In the meantime, I am not pondering how I ended up here because it just wouldn’t matter would it?  I’m spending lots more time these days trying to live in the moment which is hard for me.  I’d rather dream of the far off but more hopeful future of my dreams…  “The moment” is filled with a “to do” list that never ever gets “to done.”  Office work, housework, driving people around, unfinished books, trying to fit in time with loved ones and having to struggle to do it — you know, life.  I’m trying harder to live in the moment even though sometimes life sooo gets in the way of having fun.  And in the words of that great sage Arthur Bach, “Isn’t fun the best thing to have?”


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  1. Christopher G

    Don’t worry momma I’ll go live near the ocean =)

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