top 10 from the 48

hours that is.  So…  Alan gets up and moving right away, but I’m still futzing with stuff trying to pull it together, but we manage to make it to the launch point at 5:15.  Coreena suggests a “before” photo.  Her camera jams up and I’m missing my camera card.  Ugh.  I was going to leave my camera behind, but Alan knowing that would ruin a small piece of the trip for me said I should just get a new card — with more gigs (I love that man!).  So.. off we go.

South Station to catch the Fung Wah Bus Line from Boston to New York — we made great time (3 1/2 hours) and it was very inexpensive $15.00.  Perfect. 

So now without further ado…  Jenny’s top ten list from her 48 hours in New York…

10.  The Hats at Saks Fifth Avenue.


9.  Hot Pastrami sandwiches at the Carnegie Deli.  Wow.  We split one and still had a lot of food, and the taste was unbelieveable!

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8.  The architecture.

 7.  Housing Works – 157 East 23rd St., New York, NY 10010 – Clothes and Furniture and we caught the garage sale, so the Kate Hill skirt tagged at $25.00 went for $6.00! (Take that Lord & Taylor!)

6.  Macy’s.  Love it at home.  Love it even more in NYC.  I don’t have memories but I have the stories of my mom taking me to the Thanksgiving Day Parade every year until I was 4 and we moved.  Got a pair of Anne Klein sandals for $10.12!  Oh and the wooden escalator that clackety clacks like a wooden roller coaster is just wonderful.  I hope they don’t get rid of it.


5.  Jewelry Stores on 6th Ave and West 37th (near M&J Trimming).  Okay, these aren’t mine (didn’t take pictures) but they’re very similar to a pair I bought for $1.00!!  Yeah, Coreena knows the best stores.  Had a field day in this one, for only $10!!

4.  ABC Carpet & Home.  Most of the prices were outrageous, but so were the designs, so I guess that makes the prices closer to fair, but in any event it was amazing eye candy and all I could do was sigh and try not to act like an idiot squealing over all the cool stuff!

3.  Central Park – The carriage ride was just wonderful (I’m using that word a lot, but “full of wonder” is a great turn of phrase and I’m allowed to rhapsodize on my own blog – but I digress…).  Roger is the strong silent type in the front and Emmett the amusing man from County Kildare (Ireland) driving.

Max McLean and radio guy

2.  “THE SCREWTAPE LETTERS is a smart, provocative and wickedly funny theatrical adaptation of the C.S. Lewis novel about spiritual warfare from a demon’s point of view – now playing at the Westside Theatre.” Yep.  This photo is from a post show discussion with the audience and a local radio show host.

… and the number one thing I loved from my trip to New York City?!

1. Spending time with Coreena.


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  1. Totally, utterly fanTAStic! I felt like I was on the trip with you two! Did you buy a hat? Love that you got to be a part of a post-production play, too. Cool!

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