on the road again!

change the fuschia to green or purple or orange and you've got Megan!

so… back and barely recuperated from New York and I’m cleaning house and organizing before my trip to Idaho on Monday.  Taking the Muppet back to school.  First of the year it’s easier if a parent can help drive your stuff around and you don’t have to buy new at school.  So, off we go.  I’m pretty psyched to check out the DI and book stores and see the Muppet’s new dorm.  Not where she wanted to be as it’s not a cooking dorm, but she’ll be back in her apartment on campus after Christmas and it’s right across the street from her old dorm. 
Shopping…  My plan is to get all the necessities at Walmart here (with no tax) and pick up anything too bulky for the suitcases or just for fun out there.  What surprises me is how much I thought we already had, but find we still need to get.  Trying not to freak over having to pay her tuition this semester because her loan didn’t go through.  It’s super inexpensive, I’m just not sure which Peter we rob to pay Paul.  Thankfully God is in control, because I’m a mess.  We’ll cough it up from some where, because college is not an option these days!


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