happy-life list

On a side note – I absolutely love this photo of Albert Einstein.  Apparently God knows when I need a break.  From the Trash It or Treasure It this week I got the command for self-care, and I stumbled upon pages I ripped from Self magazine on creating your happy life list.

Every Day I Would Like To…

1.  Grow closer to God  2.  Spend time with my family and friends  3.  Laugh  4.  Read

Every Week I Would Like To…

1. Spend time with at least one friend 2. Have at least one room in my house totally clean 3. Save at least $50 4. Give myself time to be creative

In 3 months I Would Like To

1. Gather my children home for Christmas  2. Plan a formal Dinner 3. Really learn to knit  4. Practice what I’ve learned in painting class

Before Next Year, I Would Like To…

1.  Complete the Seasonal Scrub  2. Book a getaway with Alan 3. Get my scrapbook stuff organized 4. Be in a routine for exercise

In 3 to 5 years, I would Like to…

1.  Learn Italian and visit Italy with Alan  2. Become more self-accepting 3. Attend Christopher and Megan’s college graduations, Garrett’s High School graduation and welcome Matthew back from his mission 4. Have decided on a place to retire to.

What is it that you would like to do every day, every week, in three months, before (this time)next year and in 3 to 5 years?



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4 responses to “happy-life list

  1. Christopher G

    That’s some really neat things to think about. I think i may have to try making a list of some of these things.

  2. Angela

    You have inspired me- put me on the lunch list! I think I will make my own list! The thing I like about this is it is not unrealistic! You can do it!

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