Time Out For Women

Gail and I

Great weekend!!  Gail and I left out around 11 and made it to Hartford by 1:30.  We spent a lovely hour or so at the Wadsworth Atheneum (which sadly is undergoing renovation so only had about half the exhibits available for view), then had dinner at Subway (oh, yeah, living large, but we were both too tired to walk much more), then back to the Convention Center.

I was thrilled beyond belief to learn that Hilary Weeks WAS going to be there (wahooo!).  I forgot my camera up in the room, but Jenny Oaks Baker was phenomenal (Julliard grad and 7 years with the National Philharmonic, thank you very much).  She was gracious enough to sign her latest CD to Matthew for me.  I think he’ll really like it.

Then we were lucky enough to hear from Virginia Hinckley Pearce who was a surprise speaker.  She has her parents sense of humor and the sweetest heart.

Virginia Hinckley Pearce - "A Heart Like His: Making Space for God's Love In Your Life"

We also had a recorded message from Sheri Dew who couldn’t make it at the last moment.

Sherri Dew in her office

Drifted off to sleep with Jenny Oaks Baker in my head.

Julie and Terri

Up early Saturday and breakfast with Pat and Julie and Terry at Vivo in the hotel — Got to wish a good morning to Jennie and her friend, then off to get in line next door at the convention center.  We were right up front and met up with Kim as well.  We ended up sitting to the left with a perfect view of Hillary on the piano (yah!).

Debbie Gail (Sue?) Kim and Terri

Jenny, Gail, Debbie and JanieSo one of my favorite parts about going to TOFW are the new friends you meet. Debbie and Janie are hysterical and soo much fun! They probably drove the furthest to get to the convention and they live in CT! Apparently they had just finished up driving 1800 miles or so to get their visiting teaching done. Now THAT'S dedication!! Okay, they were really just visiting a former friend that they visit taught and the tail end of the trip was a return to the convention, but wow, were they fun!Janie and Debbie

So the line up for Saturday?

Emily Watts - author of Take Two Chocolates and Call Me In The Morning


Hilary Weeks (on the right with Kim on the left)

S. Michael Wilcox - Author (most recently) of "What The Scriptures Teach Us About Prosperity"

Mariam Kallon - Survivor of war torn Sierra Leone

Pat, Merrilee and Gail -- All Survivors! Merrileee Boyack is the author (most recently) of "Just Keep Trying"


Mary Ellen Edmunds - author of "You Can Never Get Enough Of What You Don't Need: The Quest for Contentment"

So I’m doing a whole separate blog on what they had to say, but wanted to share what was a really great time!

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