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Friday 9/17/2010

 Laurel Christensen (who turned out to be the lady from our Deseret Book club visit!) opened by asking, “What do you hope for?”  I wrote:  My marriage, children, testimony to grow, house to be clean and organized, to touch the hearts of the children I’m teaching in seminary, to become more like Him, to lose 80 pounds…

 Then she asked, “What do you hope in while you’re waiting?” the goodness of God, prayers that are answered, and the power of the Spirit.

 Jenny Oaks Baker opened with Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing (love this hymn) and I was very impressed to learn that she was a Julliard grad and had played with the National Symphony Orchestra for seven years, but her playing was so beautiful that none of that mattered as much as the wonderful moving sound she created with that gorgeous 200+ year old violin.

 Virginia Hinckley Pearce spoke next.  She lost her mother six years ago – her father four years ago, and her husband one year ago.  She said “death is very much a part of life.”  “It’s not until you close the book – read that last sentence on the last page, that you really get the message of the book.”  What is success and how willwe know if we’re doing it well?  Five things.

 1. “What is success?”  She said we need to define it in a personal practical way.  She quoted her mother responding to the question of how one has a successful marriage (“Lower your expectations.”)  That had us all howling.  Success is to be able to answer yes to the question, “Have I trusted Christ and used his atoning sacrifice to become more like Him?”  She also quoted her dad in saying growth is to “constantly seek to achieve that just beyond our immediate capacity,” and Elder Maxwell, “Enoch and his city were taken up in the process of time.”  Not immediately.

2. Get out of the business of comparison.  Whether we are CEOs or the stay at home mother of six, we live the path we are called to walk. 

3. Look for false measures of success. (A husband, children, job, talents, etc.)  Peace, hope and joy are available to those who measure success properly.

4. Qualify to receive and act on personal revelation

5. Celebrate our improvements as we go along.  (e.g. I’m enjoying conference more, I’m enjoying reading my scriptures more.  That’s progress!  Celebrate!)

 Jenny Oaks Baker – Shaker Fantasy, I Need Thee Every Hour, Gabriel’s Oboe and the theme from Far and Away.

 Sherri Dew – via recorded message – Laurel gave her introduction and quoted her as saying, “The safest place to fail is right here with me.”  Wow.  If I could become that kind of person, I would definitely feel successful!!  She told this great story about possibly having to cancel speaking at a ysa conference because she had to be back on a certain day and couldn’t get the flights to work out.  They were so unhappy, that she called the airlines to try.  She got put on hold by the first person at United for 20 minutes.  She said, “I don’t do hold very well.”  We howled.  Me especially.  It’s one of the things I most love about Sherri Dew – how much I can relate to her thinking.  So, she decides to call back on her cell phone while the other phone’s on hold and ends up getting the daughter of someone she had helped 30 years before who made the connection to who she was.  She said, “Heavenly Father knows what we need to accomplish our missions.  The Lord’s timing is perfect.”

 She then told this great story about the Relief Society storing grain starting in 1876 and not entirely certain why, but as it turned out it was very helpful to those in the 1905 San Francisco earthquake,  the famine in China in 1907 and the worldwide drought in 1919 when the wheat supported the allied forces.

 Finally she told the story of December 1838 when the Saints were evacuating Missouri and nearly freezing to death.  80 mostly women and children crowded into a twenty foot square log cabin with the chinks missing between the logs, while the men huddled together outside.  But with all that, it was a merry night.  None but the saints can be happy in every circumstance prompted by higher than earthly motives.

 Satan knows he’s running out of time.  He will try to keep up discouraged, distressed, deceived and disheartened.  Women have a kind of influence that cannot be duplicated by men.  We are the heart of the home and every unit in the church.

Jenny Oaks Baker – Pachelbel Canon in D – and can I just mention that girlfriend was styling in this gorgeous pink dress like the purple one Rebecca Bloomwood wore for her tv interview in “Confessions of a Shopaholic.” with fuchsia sparkly peep toe shoes and a diamond head band.  Yummy!  Okay, so back to the music…  She also played “Be Still My Soul” (aka Finlandia) – her favorite and “This Is The Christ”  and finally (and the Muppet will appreciate this) “All Creatures of Our God and King”


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