TOFW Saturday

Saturday 9/18/2010

Hilary Weeks – “If I Only Had Today”  off her latest CD.  Love it!  She told her Rotisserie chicken story.  Essentially the holy spirit will prompt us in all things because God cares about the big and small things in our lives.

 Emily Watts – “the word “Mom” kills brain cells.”  She talked about “Mother Radar.” e.g. straining to hear a car coming home at night, or when it finally drives away again.  She said we hope in things.  Like the hope of having nice unspoiled possessions of my very own.  She got a new planner and was convinced she would use it to organize every facet of her life.  Before she got a chance one of her children drew a whale on every single page.  Her husband said, “Those are going to be precious some day,” I said, “Shut up.”  No not really, but we sure laughed when she said that.  If you’re going to be a disciple of Christ you’re not going to be in charge of your life or your possessions.

Motherhopes 1)Children can improve, 2) Work is worth doing, 3) Someone smarter stands  ready to help me with my calling as a mother and 4) Give us this day our daily bread.  Arrives this day.  Heavenly Father, just tell me what you want me to do today.  Heavenly Father will help us do what He sent us here to do.

Hilary Weeks – Hope On The Horizon, Laundry Song (Climb Every Mountain…), Teenager Song – what they hear, “Bippity Boppity Boo” and “A Few of My Favorite Things” (nap time and bedtime and naptime and bed time).  She said she made a commitment not to gossip.  “Be kind.  Everyone you meet is fighting a difficult battle.”  At the end of the day Heavenly Father would whisper good things in our ear, not the bad.

 S. Michael Wilcox – Ezekiel told to prophecy over the bones.  “These bones are the whole house of Israel… and our hope is lost.” The walls of Jericho.  Look beyond the walls and the giants.  Look forward.  We have lion and bear experiences so that we have faith to face the goliaths.  Somewhere in the past will be experiences that prove we can conquer what’s before us.

 Marianna Kallon – She referenced the movie “Blood Diamond” a couple of times, but I don’t know it.  The gist of what I got is that it’s about people caring more about mining diamonds for money, than for the lives of the workers.  She told her survival story from Sierra Leone (women raped, arms and legs chopped off and no time to bury the dead).  Awful horrible stuff.  She went on to talk about how she got a church Hope (hygiene) Kit at one point ended up sharing it with 25 other women.  “Hope is an abiding trust that we have in the Lord.  Let His will be done in our lives.”

 Hilary Weeks – “You Give and You Take” – she told a story about running the 10k in the Holy Cow Trail Stampede.  “What are you laughing at?  I probably won.  You don’t know!”  We howled.  It got worse when she talked about coming in last with the cow mascot cheering her on!  She talked about how we can start something and realize at some point that we’re in over our head.  We should take what we do have and give thanks for it.  Even when it seems nowhere near enough (time, talent, patience…).  He will magnify and bless us so that we can.  “Believe In What You’re Doing” (my favorite Hilary Weeks song!)

 Merrillee Boyack – She mentioned the choices that our grandmothers had as to wardrobe, food, education, news vs. our own lives.  We have a huge number of choices we now make in a day.  We need to ground our choices in the Savior to “choose wisely.”  She was talking about watching general conference and how President Monson at one point said, “Circumstances in the world aren’t exactly as we’d wish.” she responded, “No, duh.”  Again we howled.  She has had a rough few years, running for City Council, finding out she had cancer, the death of the mayor she had worked closely with, menopause, chemo, her husband lost his job, radiation therapy, tried to sell their home and found they couldn’t because it had settled, betrayed publicly. Aaaack!!  So, we have seven things we can choose:  1) Attitude, 2) To be Cheerful and Hopeful, 3) to hope in God, 4) to be faithful to the Lord, 5) to accept suffering – to learn something you could not become without it, 6) to choose to be grateful, and 7) to let Him bear the burden in the moment that we are overwhelmed.

 Hilary Weeks – “Unwritten”, “God is in Control” “He Hears Me”(Another one of my favorites!)

 Mary Ellen Edmunds – Talked about resilience — “When everything says you can’t.  Believe in the part of you that says, ‘you can.’”

 Hilary Weeks – “He Is” with a seriously cool video.


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