Zumba and South Beach

So… still haven’t gathered the fortitude for the “before” picture, but I was having fun working my way through the intro DVD of Zumba.  Garrett was enjoying coaching me through it.  “Keep your arms up!” I think I overdid it though because I slept through church Sunday.  Not good. 

Excited for General Conference this Friday and in the meantime, I’m watching the women’s conference I recorded.   I took notes last night, but have no idea what Sister Beck said.  Guess I’ll need to rewatch that talk!

Mailed off a bunch of packages to the various institutions of higher learning.  Sounds as though my progeny is flourishing at the moment.  Now I just have to go pick some bills off the money tree in the back yard to fly everyone home for Christmas!

South Beach diet is going better than I thought it would.  I’m getting better at saying “No” to myself.  Like the first morning I woke up and said no to the rest of the M&Ms with peanuts, the rest of the Pepsi, the bag of popcorn and the various pieces of fruit.  I’m not surprised to find the thing I’m missing the most is my soda, so this two week separation is a good thing.  I’m also kinda bumming about fruit…  Oh, well, time to finish up and head for home.  In the words of Richard Simmons, “You fed it, now lift it!”


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