New York Top Ten – Take Two

So… Alan and Garrett had a game, so one of my besties (Coreena) made the supreme sacrifice and went to New York City with me for the weekend.  Here’s the latest top ten…  More pictures soon…

New York 2 Top Ten 

10.  ABC Market Bedding floor – Nummys!

9.  Laughing about the portion size at Sardi’s for dinner

8.  Buon Italia food store at Chelsea Market – Next time we bring a rolling cart and lug home some heavy duty oils!

7.  8th Avenue Street Fair – Pashmina Shawl heaven!

Robert Chin photo

6.  Da Gennaro’s for lunch – Eggplant and tomatoes – yum

5.  Metropolitan Museum of Art Wrightsman Galleries – Gorgeous

4.  Jewish Museum – Thought provoking and moving

3.  Love, Loss & What I Wore at the Westside Theater – laugh your butt off funny – read the review at  The cast on the night we attended included Aisha de Haas, Erin Dilly, Barbara Feldon, Tovah Feldshuh, and Ashley Austin Morris.  Yeah, they dropped five “F” bombs and I don’t know that they were critical to the story, but Lord the story was pertinent and funny!  I will never be able to see an Eileen Fisher ad again and not smile.

2.  Lady Mendl’s Tea Salon –  a beautiful respite at the end of a long second day

1.  Sitting in the bathroom waiting line at the Union Square Starbucks with Coreena and directing people to the end of the line!  We were having way too much fun, and the looks on people’s faces when they realized the length of the line was priceless.  The young man who worked there that took our picture kept saying, “You’re not from here are you?!”  He couldn’t believe we found anything to laugh about with the line so long and was grateful we weren’t yelling at him.



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2 responses to “New York Top Ten – Take Two

  1. Angela

    We have got to go together- I have never shopped on Canal and no one ever wants to go to the The Metropolitan Museum with me….I always have great trips but I need a trip with you- this looks way more what I am looking for on my next overnighter!

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