So… You know how I am about my ipod music.  It’s permanently attached while I’m at work in the cubicle warren.  Well, Alan bought me a new iPod touch for my birthday.  I got it early to survive the long trip back from Idaho.  It’s lovely, except that it keeps cutting out on me as though the battery can’t keep a charge.  So I returned to Walmart, apparently one day too late, so they say I need to call Apple.  Forget that.  Off to Salem or wherever it is to hassle the Apple folks until it’s working again and PROPERLY!  Aargh.  Days like this I miss my shuffle, now property of Garrett.



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2 responses to “ipod

  1. Angela

    Darn- this bites- I am surprised that you have had troubles…..hope Apple can fix it and it won’t cost ya!

  2. snydeen

    It’s back. It was me. I think. My purse has magnets holding the flaps closed. We’ll see. I’m just happy it’s working again.

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