life couldn’t possibly better be!

don’t you just love Danny Kaye?  Okay, this burst of exuberance brought to you by Bear, Muppet, Captain Awesome and G-Man.  Got to talk to all four of my little darlins yesterday!  That was incredibly cool.  Got my hair done at lunchtime today (no we can’t afford it and yes I really needed it).  Making massive headway on the files in my in-basket.  On the road to Coos County tomorrow hopefully I haven’t missed all the color, although it’s pretty late for leaf peeping so likely not much to see, but it’ll be good to get out of the office.  The three gray walls are making me a little batty. 

What else?  Oh, Saturday G-Man has another game (I love rec league soccer) and then I spend the morning at Family History Day! I’m signed up for the Scrapbook class (of course) to “learn how to create [my] own family photo history,” and “tell [our] family story;” then I’m sitting in on the “Brick Wall Panel” since that’s where I am with my really difficult family genealogy; then “Learning From Our Ancestors” how to interview and research.  Should be good stuff.  It’s open to the public so check out the web site and stop by if you’ve got some time.

Finally, last night’s painting class went well.  It’s still not wow, but I’m happy with it and the painting’s going well.  I’m thinking I’ll get in some practice this weekend (maybe).  I’ll post a new picture of the painting.  Next week.


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