not for sale

I’ve always had a heart for abused children.  I’ve lived it — though to a lesser degree than most of the cases I’ve been reading about lately.  I watched the movie Taken and while I’m totally into a parent out to take care of their child an d the bad guys getting what’s due them, at the heart of this movie was the real notice to people that this is going on today.  Right now.  Our family “adopted” a child in Malawi through WorldVision after I read Half The Sky.  Now I’m trying to find a way to do something more concrete and positive in my community.  I checked out the map at and was amazed at how wide spread it is in America.  I assumed it was only going on in big cities, not so.  So then I checked out the Not For Sale Academy to find out how to become a “modern day abolitionist” and sadly they’re not curently training in New England So my next thought is to call the Manchester police and find out if they have some type of similar training and then set something up at the auditorium here at work. 

I can’t do everything, but I can do something. 

So can you.


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  1. Angela

    Just so you know- you influenced me to read Half the Sky, and for the entire month of August, my jaw was dropped to the floor-so eye opening to the problems all around us and sadly enough they are right here in NH.

    Good for you- your outreach is awesome!

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