Kitchen Shower

So… I was looking at my really sad bedroom and thinking we should just hire someone to get it done.  Ugh.  It’s too depressing to contemplate, so in the vein of the brave Sir Robin, I am going to bravely run away from that room.  On to the kitchen!  I need new everything.  Pretty much haven’t replaced a thing since I set up my own house 25 years ago.  I’ve added here and there, but it’s time.  I was psyched to find a blog my friend Angela did on having a Kitchen Shower  So the picture above is kind’of my dream kitchen.  I have sad white cabinets right now and no soapstone sink, but there are possibilities.  So, I’m off to find as many red accessories as I can (I found a new drain set for $4.00 on Monday).  I figure the accessories and a gallon of white paint is a great place to start!  Then maybe I’ll go register at Target and refer all my friends and family there for birthday, Christmas, mother’s day, etc. Hahahaha



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2 responses to “Kitchen Shower

  1. …Get it done…smile. I love a red and white kitchen…why do we always run away from OUR bedrooms? Hum, I guess a little therapy is needed b4 I can answer that one…

    Have fun…and I love the idea of registering for gifts…

  2. I am in the middle of redecorating my bedroom, there is wood everywhere. I feel pressured to get it finished by Xmas but I dont think I will have time. I love the picture of the red and white kitchen. I have red in mine and its a really cheerful colour, so I can definately recommend it. What a great idea registering what gifts you would like X

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