Giving up laziness or WWCD

So… continuing along the line of getting things done, and with incentive to have my house habitable by Thanksgiving, we did some heavy lifting this past weekend and now the huge tv armoire (for the huge tv that’s near death) is in the blue room hiding my mountain of scrapbooking supplies.  Alan is going to instally another shelf for me, so it can all be in there neatly.  I was tempted to pull my supplies out and start playing, but I was good and just kept moving forward on cleaning and organizing.  So, now the dresser that we bought the Muppet that I was using for a sideboard holding my table linen is in the living room holding the new tv and the rest of the electronics.  We still need a tv stand, but it works for now and doesn’t look hideous, so there it lives for the moment.

Now, I’m on the hunt for yummy red valances for the kitchen.  Totally heart these!!  If I had more than a minute, I might try to run them up on my own, but as I don’t, Marshall’s, Home Goods, Bed and Bath, etc.  here I come!  I love the lace that I have on the bottom half of my kitchen windows but want to add some zip.  On the other hand, I’m kinda out of my country phase (yeah, I still love the idea of a soapstone sink, but other than that), so the trick here is to do red and shoot for something more than ordinary. 

I’m planning an IKEA trip at some point so I can see what fun red things they have!  The shelf below is from them and I’m picturing some of my white tableware lounging thereon.  Oh, and I’m so borrowing DB’s idea (Soul Pretty – see link right) and putting up curtains (to close off the kitchen and retain heat in my case!!) go to her blog to see the cool thing she did with them.



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4 responses to “Giving up laziness or WWCD

  1. coreenal

    Keep up the cleaning and organizing. I will be bringing my white gloves for Thanksgiving!! 😉 WWCD? You are too funny!

    I have been using my Dazzle!!! I LOVE it!!! I organized my livingroom desk so that my cassette player and a vcr are stacked on it with my Dazzle and I just let an old vhs run while I am doing other things. All those movies from when kids were little…. Soon they will all be DVD’s and I can clear some more space!!! Wahooooooooo!

    • snydeen

      I’m hoping Christopher will help out his time and electronics impaired mother when he gets home and hook up whatever it is that we have. Also, I’ll have to go in search of a tape player. The videos we just need to hook back up properly. I found one from our trip to Hershey Park. Man, were they young!

  2. Doing the same exact thing- Just found out that I have people coming for a week that I didn’t know were coming. Oh boy that gives me two weeks to try and pull everything together- If you find great valances let me know! And count me in for the IKEA trip! Never been!

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