fritography and sleep

so…  my littlest darlin’ G-Man turned 16 on Saturday.  It was a weird experience for me.  He’s getting to be so grown up.  I mean he’s always been pretty self-composed and self-reliant, but he’s very mature for his age.  I mean, he gets stuff that men twice his age don’t get about people.  Really great kid.

I wish we could have gotten him a car for his birthday, but he had to settle for baking supplies (his latest plan for a career).  I think he liked what he got and the nice thing is that Christmas is coming up shortly to cover anything else affordable that we missed.

So, one of the things that’s still a teenager in him is his need to not be embarassed.  This means I cleaned like a crazy woman Friday when I got home from work.  This also entailed moving furniture around so that they could play DDR.  I then went to my crop tired and whimped out after just two hours.    (Sorry Cor, only got 1 page done on your album…)

Home to sleep, then up early for more cleaning, then took a break to head off to Fritography class at the Currier Art Center:

Fritography is the art of use of crushed glass pieces (“frits”) and colored glass powders to create fused glass artwork. The artist assembles the frits into patterns that can be highly detailed, and even photo-realistic, and then fuse the works in a kiln.

Great class. Verne is a great teacher.  Here are the powder/frit pieces before firing.  I pick up the finished pieces tomorrow, so I’ll post them then.

No idea how the final product will look, but I had great fun playing! 

So then back home for more cleaning, emptying out and sorting, including leaf raking.  The kids actually showed up on time and didn’t leave until the time Garrett chose (9pm).  I was zonked by then.  Woke up Sunday with a monster headache and a flare up of my arthritis, so no church.  I slept all day on the couch.  I did wake up long enough last night to watch Sarah Palin’s Alaska.  Wow, that’s a beautiful state.  It was really neat watching the relationship between her and her husband.  I think it would be really cool to climb Mt. McKinley, even if it was just the lower tier.  Kinda like walking a part of the Appalachian Trail. 

Sarah, Todd and Piper Palin fishing near a brown bear fishing spot!

Tough seminary class this morning.  We were super late getting there and I got reprimanded by one of the students.  All things considered, I think I handled it well.  Nothing but my momma’s raising me better and the love of Christ kept me from just showing ugly.  In any event, we got past it, more or less.

So now, I’m at work and have a massive knot in my back and my headache is back — trying hard to remember that “He who angers me, conquers me.”  Getting there.


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