changes in attitude

The happy news is that I only have to teach seminary three more days this week. I spent a large part of last night in prayer and meditation over my attitude. One of the kids gave me major grief when I got there seriously late yesterday. I was more than prepared to apologize and not let it happen again. I was not prepared to take a tongue lashing from a child. In any event, we got through the lesson yesterday and I showed up today much as I wasn’t sure I wanted to. I tried to have a right attitude. It wasn’t great, but it was infinitely better than my original which involved four letter words and never going back. So I figure working my way around to being just a wee bit stony was a huge improvement. I’m still praying to adjust my attitude. It helped that I woke up and downloaded Susan Boyle singing Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace. Basically the Assissi prayer. I put it on rewind and listened to it over and over again. Sigh…

Doesn’t help that I started today since I was already pretty hormonal to begin with. I wanted to stay home today pretty badly, but they don’t pay me to sit home and stew.  Mores the pity.  Anyway, my plans for Thanksgiving begin with picking up Christopher from the train station this Saturday. Then some of our besties are coming for dinner Thanksgiving day.  Those are happy thoughts.  Think I’ll focus on those…



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2 responses to “changes in attitude

  1. Stay strong! Oh and BTW, I miss seeing you and your great comments!
    If I dont see you have a great holiday season.
    Yes, we are still breathing over on Black Brook:)

  2. snydeen

    I miss you too. Let’s meet up over Christmas week sometime if you guys are in town.

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