I'm on the left (of course) and the detail from the original on the right. See Nov 5 Blog for earlier version.

so… I’ve been on an artsy roll of late.  Painting, drawing, and now I’m going back to Jewelry, Sewing and making tea baskets (okay, that would just entail assembling the parts, but still…).  I’m thinking when art class is over time to get serious about my writing again and see where that takes me.  Think I’ll start by reading J. Matthew’s latest work.  Can’t wait until she gets the national recognition she deserves.  Great writer.


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  1. jan

    So I can just send my query letter for my potential agent and point her in the direction of your very kind words…thanks! 🙂 Send me what you do or redo and I’ll comment, would love to! My ideal critique group is 3-4 people agreeing on the basic rules…

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