Four… Count them…

Mine will be coming to the table already sliced.

four glorious days away from ringing phones and paperwork.  Okay, different ringing phones and paperwork at least.  So begins the holidays! 

Planning to get as much cooking done tonight as possible, so that tomorrow is mostly about eating and playing cards and/or games (Pictionary, Balderdash, Hand and Foot, etc.) and sadly dishes.  We’ve really got to think about getting another dishwasher one of these days.

We may or may not venture forth on black Friday, but regardless, I’ll be gift wrapping – not getting stuck last minute THIS year thank you very much!   I am absolutely thrilled to have two of my children home, and really excited about having the whole bunch back for Christmas.  Tidings of comfort and joy.  Bring on the turkey!!



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2 responses to “Four… Count them…

  1. Lovely, Jenny! Four days!!! I’ll be imagining you folding and snipping your snowflake window treatment! Tidings of comfort and joy back at you!

  2. I guess this post is what could have been before you wrote the last post about the plans falling apart!

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