a respite by the sea

so… Friday morning I worked and then toddled off to The Wentworth with my dear friend Coreena.  Sigh…  Thank you SOO much my dear husband it was an amazing time.  Lovely spa treatments, a yummy salad and a scrumptious molten lava cake from room service ended a gorgeous day.  Saturday first thing we sat in the whirlpool and then breakfasted at

The Friendly Toast

teapots and a manicure

Try the pumpkin tea.  It was tasty.  Then we walked the shops in Portsmouth — always a great time.

Then home again, home again, where we had Chinese food for dinner.  Sweet.


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One response to “a respite by the sea

  1. How absolutely restorative and fun! I recognized The Toast right away. The Wentworth?! Divine!!! It’s on ‘my list.’ And doesn’t that manicure look fancy-schmancy! Another ‘list’ item. Hmmm. Perhaps it’s time for me to take the lead out and start living a few more of those things that are at bay. Thanks for the inspiration!

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